Unlocking the power of alumni

Create an engaged, supportive alumni network and alumni relationships at the tip of your hands.

Building your alumni network

Do everything you can think of with regards to alumni relation from news to reunions to mentorship. We provide you the tools to continuously engage with your students and your alumni.

Connect with each other

Post internship/job opportunities

Become mentors for future current students

Create and join events

Engage all your communities in one platform

All controls are at your fingertips. From dashboard management to engaging your alumni network at one place. Keep your database seamlessly updated with contact, professional and engagement data.




Event Management

Track your community via analytics

Track your users learning habits and progress within your community while instantly generate reports. Take control on how you want to drive the performance of portal based on the data.

Access key data in real time

Gain alumni feedback

Export data to PDF or CSV

Stay in touch with community growth

Make portal your own

Your platform is customisable and flexible meaning you can simply create the exact user experience that you want.

Add your own brand identity

Email customisation

Launch your own mentoring program today.

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